Sixxy - WonderDash ft. Gryfinz & Albatross

from by Rainbow & Rooted



Postnote: Track mastering by Slogan Logan

Y’know I tried to fly my way
Into your clique with the pies I saved
Paving my way to arrive someday in the place that I thought was mine to take
In my mind I swore I could see the day
Everypony knows my face, my name
Igniting the flame, no time for shame,
Filly lighting up the sky with the rainbow mane
But that day never came, lost in time
The fame that I claimed was never mine
Mind the flame in these words, these rhymes
Cuz a better batter’s stepping to the plate this time
You’ll find that I’ve found a way around
Your lies and I don’t even need you now
I was lost and down, now I’m lost and found
Rainbow Dash, flying solo now.
The clouds can feel the beat
As I’m sweeping crowds off their feet
With a literal heat, coming from my physical speed
I can literally taste it, victory is sweet
But let’s kick it up a little bit more, cuz
Don’t want anypony getting’ bored of me
Compete with a dream that’s coming from me
And like TwentyTen, you’ll be obsolete
Cuz the shit I speak is never offbeat
And I spit with speed, top of the elite
Not playing anymore, I tried to make you see,
I floored you with the beat
But now I’m back on my feet
The least you can do, is shout it for me.

Controls the rhythm
Like the wingbeats of a mare on a mission
I have striven to the top
And I won’t rely on some mare’s decision
Egoism in the way, but I’ll show these ponies I’m here to stay
Embrace this new reality
Of the Wonderbolts being second-rate
To a pony with a rainbow mane
Flying so fast, ponies go insane
I won’t let the pain of a rejection
Restrain me till I let it get inside my brain
The sky is my domain, we’re talking
Wingpower like a hurricane
Or a plane at top speed, flowing like Watsky
Showing them I can’t be contained.
It’s plain to see I’m the best there is
You thought the rainboom was a myth
But there is no denying this
So pucker up now, give my ass a kiss
I’m talking to Soarin and Spitfire
You thought to crush my desires?
Well I wanna take a little BIC lighter
And light up your ass with this cipher
It’s time for you to wisen up
Saying I couldn’t make the cut
Well take a seat now and watch me strut
My stuff, let it fuck you like an uppercut
Here I am now, Ponyville’s stud
You better believe that I can hold a grudge
A lyrical battery’s ‘bout to leave you crushed
So who the fuck are you to judge?
Me and how I soar the skies?
I’m better than you, so justify
Why you told me I couldn’t fly
Well enough to get inside your glorified
Club for ponies seeking fame
When I spit these lyrics, better feel my pain
I hope that you can feel my shame
I hope that it makes you go insane
I’m lyrically infallible
One word from me’s invaluable
Your attempts to beat me were in vain
So you’re lucky I even said your name
Damage dealing maximal
Over 9000 power level
You judged me so irrational
Now the Wonderbolts are laughable.
A little bit of me wants to show mercy
And let you walk by, let you get off free
But I won’t back down when these ponies
Are relying on me for the flying game’s freedom
From you ruthless dictators
Who stand at the top, call us failures
While we work at the bottom, laborers
So I’ll do it for the future, Cutie Mark Crusaders
Blast imitators, flow past haters
Leave ‘em in the dirt like a detonator
You can call me the administrator
Cuz I make the rules now, legislator
Wonderbolts think they can bring my doom,
But I won’t go down without a sonic rain-

She’s that girl with a rainbow mane who’s in your face with a game so cra’,
Made to create ways to be way crazy, but can change in a way that made me
BOOM, BOOM, a heart of crystal pounds like a visceral piston inside.
In it I’m a fan of Rainbow Dash, but I’m also here for the ride!

It's finally time, Dash will blow your mind into smithereens
Her potential for flying surpasses even me
No competition can stop her mission to rock a fissure
It’s not an issue of whether or not she chooses to issue

Commands to her fleet. She commands the elite Wonderbolts.
Plans to defeat the captain will be one to be told
To generations below the current generation
It’s a pain for wishing’ that Rainbow Dash wasn’t so frikken’ BOLD.

“Italicize and emphasize the length and size of rainbow skies”
These are the lines to keep in mind when you’re trying to size
Up the potential of a mare whose eyes are filled with fire,
Like Lyra, I’m trying to find the right rhyming to describe her!


from Four's Fall Down, released June 8, 2013
Track mastering by Slogan Logan




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