Automatic Jack & Skelius - Will of the Winged

from by Rainbow & Rooted



Big Mac:
1 Cup Blueberries (Pref Frozen)
1/2 Cup Pomegranate Juice
1/2 Cup Greek Strawberry Yogurt (or 1 5ox Package, including the strawberry mix of course)
3 Ice Cubes
1 Cup Carrot Juice
40 Drops Red Food Coloring
1 Peeled and Cored Apple (Pref Macintosh)
1 Cup Frozen Mangos
1 Scoop Vanilla Protein Powder

... ALSO

In all my life... of the many things I've done...
Nothing has been as important as this.
I'm staking my entire reputation on this one event, and I know that I am more than equal to the challenge.
But the voices inside me still, mock... still jeer.
The voices inside tell me I am deluding myself.
They tell me that I am just a silly little filly with starstruck dreams far too big for her wings to handle.
They tell me that my friends are lying when they say that I am the best flyer in Equestria; a funny joke: "Let Rainbow Dash have her illusion, it's the only thing she has going for herself."
I know in my heart that this is not true, but the voices persist.
Sometimes it is all that I can do to hold my feelings in, to not scream at the top of my lungs and hide in a cloud, never to emerge for fear of the shame: "Rainbow Dash lost her nerve".
But I will not give in to this pressure.
I will not give in to the voices.
I will not give into lies that are of my own making, cowardice that I have long buried beneath a strong wall of confidence, insecurities that have long since been put to death, never to arise again!!
Before Celestia I swear this now:
I WILL believe in myself.
I WILL fly better than anyone else.
I WILL become a Wonderbolt.

I know I have what it takes,
to be a Wonderbolt,
(I WILL!!)
not sell myself out short,
I'm the best in Equestria,
I've wanted all my life for a chance to prove myself,
(I WILL!!) not falter now,
this I swear before Celestia,

I find myself surrounded,
but I will not back down
(I WILL!!) stand tall and strong,
I will make my presence known to all,
I know I have what it takes,
to be a Wonderbolt
(I WILL!!) show them that I belong,
my blood, my wings, my heart beats strong

My time is now, and the Wonderbolts will see me for the
best cadet who ever soared the skies!!
So go a-head and try to best me in the air, I am
One Hundred Percent better than you would ever hope to dare to be!!

These are my wings...
There are many like them but this pair is mine...
My wings are my best friend...
They are my life...
I must master them as I must master my life...
Without me, my wings are useless...
Without my wings, I am useless...
I must fly straight and true...
I must fly faster than the Shadowbolts who are trying to defeat me...
I must outfly them before they outfly me...
I Will!
Before Celestia I swear this creed!
My wings and myself are the defenders of Equestria!
We are the masters of the sky, and the saviors of my life!
So be it...Until there are no shadowbolts, but peace!!

I represent the Wonderbolts and in the air I am a
winged harbinger, bringin' danger and destruction to the
enemies of peace who seek to make the skies a place where fear and
loathing are the order of the day!

And I'm the type of Pony who would work an extra
shift to find a bitch who tried to sneak up in my shit and launch a
stealth attack for just a few bits, mercenaries are the
worst but I will blow them away...

Not on my watch, I'll stomp the plot of
anypony plotting mayhem and whatnot in my skies!
Because I am the best, I test the rest,
and keep 'em earnin' stripes on they chest, ready to live and die!

We Wonderbolts and you dolts know every filly and colt we
train is qualified to hand you your ass, in revolt
against the tyranny you'd try to visit on the spirits of the
weak and helpless who are under my protection!!


from Four's Fall Down, released June 8, 2013




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