Aoshi - FluttERR ft. Fluttershy

from by Rainbow & Rooted



Stop messing with my voice

One to the two to the three to the four, uhn
Back and forth on the floor, yes
Five to the six to the seven to the eight, uhn
Nod yo head, let's elevate, yes (x2)
Now flutter

Flutter like this
Flutter like that (x2)

Please step aside, let miss assertive handle this
She's got a stare that'll snare ya toss you in the abyss
You wanna push her around, well that's your choice
Ask her how she likes it when you ignore her voice
The subwoofer go flutter from the way she bump
Girl so fly, she got butterflies on her rump
Silent in the pact, you think she's scared to react, no!
She's just mapping her plan of attack

Flutter like this
Flutter like that (x2)

Everything she loves, but don't get it twisted
She's got the connections, every animal enlisted
Bucking with her style, yeah? whatchu bucking for?
Did you go and forget that she rolls with Discord?
Yeah she sweet like a kitten and oh so nice
She fierce like a lion, when she bring that spice
Whatchu say to dem girl when dem haters try?
I'm leaving, goodbye!

She's got flavor, her best behavior
You gotta bad mouth, expect no favors
Hot to trot, swayin' them hips
Step off her hooves, mind your lips (x2)
Let's do this
Girl work that fame
Let's bring it
Girl work that fame (x2)
Now flutter

We flutter
Yes, we flutter

Glitch (x4)
Now flutter

We flutter, ah ah


from Four's Fall Down, released June 8, 2013
Fluttershy - Rina-Chan




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