Poni1Kenobi - Colored Lights

from by Rainbow & Rooted



Verse 1:
The time has finally come
My mind is coming undone
I hear the roar of the crowd"
They're singing ready and loud
My heart is racing I've
Found the dream I'm chasing yes
I will be the talk of the town
No one is keeping me down

Pre-Chorus 1:
For far to long I'd wated for
My life to turn out great
For fame and fortune to be served to me
Upon a silver plate
But I won't let this moment go to waste

Colored lights are shining in my eyes
A message so sincere they hypnotize
I don't believe I've felt this way before
And now I want it more
So get up off the floor
Here's the truth I finally realize
Live in the moment glad to be alive
That's what we'll do so let the record say
That we were here today
So let me hear you sing

Verse 2:
And now the curtain will rise
I feel the fire in my eyes
My wings they start to unfurl
Like I can conquer the world
And when the moment is right
I'll take of into the night
'Cause this is where I belong
My heart filled up with a song

Pre-Chorus 2:
It doesn't really matter if I
Pass or if I fail
You can't just let life pass you by
You've gotta grab it by the tail
And know inside your heart that you'll prevail


Starting over
Crimson clover
We're not getting
Any older
Perform for crowds of thousands
They'll shower us with diamonds
'Cause they've all come to see me
Right here, right now


from Four's Fall Down, released June 8, 2013




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